Tuition Based Preschool Program

The Creative Curriculum and the GOLD Assessment:

  • The Creative Curriculum® is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that features inquiry, exploration, and discovery as the foundation of all learning. As a content- rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum, it delivers academic rigor alongside social-emotional learning and cognitive development. And, it brings meaningful interactions and learning to life in your child’s classroom.

  • The GOLD Assessment follows widely held (state) expectations for children from birth through third grade and enables a whole-child approach to assessment. Meaningful reports inform classroom practices and individualized instruction.


  • Children must be four years old on, or before, September 1st of the current year.

  • Parents must provide child’s birth certificate to register.

Session Options and Tuition Cost:

  • Five full days (Monday- Friday): $600/month*

  • Five ½ days (Monday- Friday): $400/month*

  • Three full days: $400/month*

  • Three ½ days: $200/month*

  • Non-Refundable Registration fee of $75 for first child, $15 fee for additional children.

  • Registration fee waived for families who register by June 1st AND pay the first month tuition in full.

What will my child’s day look like?

Each classroom has a schedule of activities your child will take part in daily.

Each schedules contains:

  • Large group meeting

  • Music and movement

  • Small group instruction

  • Planning and recall

  • Choice time

  • Read aloud (2x)

  • Outdoor recess (2x)

  • Rest time

  • Lunch time

  • Snack time

What makes our programs high-quality?

  • Highly-qualified teachers with Bachelor degrees

  • High quality learning environment

  • Research-based curriculum

  • Whole child approach to learning

  • Heavy focus on literacy, mathematics & social/emotional growth Scaffolded learning Whole family engagement Nutritious meals provided Outdoor play experiences

  • Rated as: Demonstrating Quality by Great Start to Quality (MDE)

For more information or to schedule your registration appointment call us at:

  • 313-278-8427

Our Location:

  • 1045 N. Gulley, Dearborn Heights, MI