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Remember: Maslow before Bloom

Regardless of the brilliance of the teacher or the greatness of the academic program - every student's basic human needs must be met first before learning can happen!!!

Maslow before Bloom is a phrase that discusses Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Benjamin Bloom's educational learning objectives. More specifically, the saying suggests that people (in this case, OUR students) need to fulfill their basic needs before pursuing academic learning.

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What Failing Students Want Us to Remember

What Failing Students Want Us to Remember

By seeing students as more than their grades, we can enable them to reach their potential.

What Great Teachers Do Differently

Making Learning Visible

Getting ALL Students to Participate

The Learning Process, Assessments and Grading

It’s not about grading, it’s about growing.
It’s not about earning, it’s about learning.

Assessment and grading are not the same.

Generally, the goal of grading is to evaluate individual students’ learning and performance. The goal of assessment is to improve student learning.

Changing Education Paradigms

When Everything Clicks: The Power of Judgement Free Learning

The Educator Mindset and Why it Matters (John Hattie)

Developing a Sense of Purpose in School

Accelerated Learning (MDE)

"Food for Thought" Quotes

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side; it’s greener where you water it.”
"As adults, we need to model the behavior we want to see out of every student."
“Worksheets - the archenemy of abundant, purposeful reading (and discussion and writing).”
"The consequence for not doing the work should be doing the work."
"The best schools make decisions based on the needs and interests of the students, not based on the habits and traditions of adults."
"If everyone in our school had your attitude, what kind of place would it be?"